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  Companies commonly work with contractors when they have needs for landscapers, drywall installation, painters, plumbers, electricians, heating & cooling, builders, and more. With contractors come great liability for the companies working with them, because often time the jobs these contractors are working on can be dangerous. READ MORE >>

    When businesses are in the field of taking care of people’s needs every day, it is guaranteed that they will encounter situations that could become a liability for their business. For this reason, insurance coverage has expanded to meet the demands of the public. READ MORE >>

  Summertime is a time for traveling and adventuring, which can sometimes put us into harm’s way. Whether you will be jet skiing with your family, driving on a road trip across the country, or visiting a favorite landmark; it’s smart to be prepared in case the worst occurs. READ MORE >>

Established over 10 years ago, Carolina Underwriters is an independent agency that conscientiously chooses companies that show consistent reliability, are financially stable, and have positive reputations. Carolina Underwriters ensure that you will receive the right insurance coverage at the best price. READ MORE >>

Whether it's a collection of baseball cards or your grandmother's pearl necklace, your collectibles or valuables are priceless to you. Because they're so important, don't take for granted that your homeowners policy will adequately cover your valuable items for loss. READ MORE >>

Most of us are on the road nearly every day, making it very likely that many of us will observe a distracted driver texting away as he or she drives down a busy highway. According, to, the U.S. Department of Transportation's website devoted to educating Americans about the dangers... READ MORE >>

The Benjamin Franklin proverb "an ounce of preventions worth a pound of cure" is as relevant today as it was when Franklin made the statement. This truism can be applied to many facets of life, including insurance! Because insurance is the transfer of risk from on entity to another, preventing losses is beneficial for both parties involved. READ MORE >>

Well, you did it; you graduated from college and landed a job! If you were anything like me in college, you were constantly on the go. Now, life has slowed down – and you’ve noticed your active lifestyle has too. READ MORE >>

As a gamer myself, it’s easy to say video games are a fun way to escape from the real world. Video games are just about everywhere and nearly anyone can find something they like. It’s easy to spend hours playing a video game; trust me, you aren’t the only one that has played Candy Crush or Angry Birds longer then you should have. READ MORE >>

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? Did you work with an insurance company after the accident? If you answered yes, it’s possible you had some questions about the claims process. It can be a stressful time but there are some steps you can take to help make that process much easier. READ MORE >>

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