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Not many people sit and think about what they would do if a devastating tornado or fire completely demolished their home and left them “homeless.” When the unthinkable happens, Additional Living Expense, an often overlooked coverage that is typically part of a homeowners policy, may prove to be a financial and emotional lifesaver. READ MORE >>

Have you ever received a phone call from someone representing your insurance company asking if they may stop by for a loss control survey?  A loss control survey? What does this mean?  The fact is, for most insurance companies, this is a very valuable tool that completes the underwriting process on your policy. READ MORE >>

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you may recall scrambling to try to figure out what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. A vehicle accident is never a pleasant experience for anyone involved. READ MORE >>

Summer is drawing to a close; fall is fast approaching and colder weather will soon follow. As cooler temperatures approach, it’s a good idea to think about ways you can help your car take care of you. After all, your car is likely your sole means of transportation for getting you from point A to B. READ MORE >>

In most states, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover workplace injuries sustained by their employees. Workers’ compensation insurance is a “no fault” system which allows every employee to receive benefits for a job-related injury, regard... READ MORE >>

Having just graduated from college and gotten married, I was at a loss for where to start when it came to insurance because my parents had always handled it for me. However, my husband and I had to figure out what kind of insurance we needed in order to protect ourselves from the unknown. READ MORE >>

According to research conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute(VTTI), driver distraction is a leading cause of vehicle accidents. Nearly 80 percent of vehicle crashes involve driver inattention.* Additionally, texting while driving can increase your crash risk as much as 23 times. READ MORE >>

How to Keep Other Structures Safe and Secure Other structures on your property such as detached garages or sheds can be targets for burglars and can filled with potential safety hazards. Here are a few guidelines to follow if you have other structures on your premises. Safety first READ MORE >>

One aspect of retirement planning is making sure that you have enough financial means to sustain your desired lifestyle once you retire. It also involves protecting your nest-egg from risks and losses that can result from unexpected expenses such as Long-term care. READ MORE >>

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